The Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe is a real tourist magnet. We didn’t want to miss it! The purpose of our Tour around Switzerland is to miss no highlight in this country and to learn, what we will leave behind in January.

So we entered the train and enjoyed the ride to the top.

When we arrived at the top it was a little freezing and we took even our woolly hat with us. First we explored the tunnels. There is a palace out of ice and other touristic attractions.

We decided to go for a walk into the snow midst in summer, unbelievable! We thought it will be really cold, then how should it be warmen outside than inside? We were wrong. The sun heated thourgh the fog and we got pleasantly warm.

jungfraujoch_nebelThis temperature encouraged us to go further to the Mönchsjochhütte. A little bit of distance between us and all the other tourists. We got well awardet for this desicion. The sun came out after 200-300 metres. So we changed our hats with sunglasses and enjoyed the amazing view!

Do you allready recognise, what we missed in this moment?

Honestly the walk lasted 45 minutes, but it was a little tough for us. The hight and the sun was a bad mixture for our head. But we arrived savely, eat a delicious meal and went back. Now we have even more respect for our friends, who did several 4000metres mountains during their trip around the world! 😉

We treated ourselves with Lindt-Chococalte after this walk. The pink one have been really the best ones! We went down to the valley with the train and then in front of the mirror, we noticed, what we missed.

Walking sun-exposed without sunscreen gave us the biggest sunburn ever!


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